Yellow Mix by Babag

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Babag Played At Many Private And Semi-Private Parties & Events, But Also In The Qc Swiss Sunday Chill Sessions, Or At The Lounge Of Queersicht 05 & 07 (An Intl. Filmfestival Here), As Well At Places Like The Mumbai Palace, Gurtenfestival 06/07 & 08, At The Lounge B21 Of The Htl. Zurichberg In Zurich (Chill’in With A View), Bar Rouge In Basel And In The Mahamaya Of Course. Most Local Places And Clubs In Berne – Like The Wasserwerk Club, Sous-Soul,Isc, Reitschule, Formbar, Dampfzentrale, Progr, Bassment And &06, Universo Paralello Festival 07/08, Bahia, Brazil, Boom Festival 08, Portugal, Boutique 08, Playground 08/09, Club Elf, Bassment, Gurtenfestival 09, Streetparade 09, Aurora Festival 09, Greece, Duo Club, Bienne, Ambonight, Berne, Mystica 2010, Gurtenfestival 10 & Chillout Booking Und Presenting @ Summer Never Ends 10, Organiser Cosmic Soundscapes 2007 – 10, Dbar, Athens, Greece,Gurtenfestival 11 (Wow!), Mokka Thun, Ittheplace Athens, Psychedelic Carneval 6, Xtra Zurich, Mahamaya Blend 2011, Universo Paralello 2011/12, Bahia, Brazil, Kapitel, Bern, Gurtenfestival 2012 & 13, Dayayoga, Bern, 7Sins,Athens, Kultarena,Bern, Glasbrunnen 07/2013- Und An Noch Ein Paar Underground, Privaten Und ‘Illegalen’ Parties Hier Und Dort Und In Lokalitäten Wo Er Sich Nicht Mehr An Den Namen Und Ort Erinnert.

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