Stranger Than Paradise 132

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Stranger Than Paradise 132 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 132 is exploring beautiful ambient worlds.

Stranger Than Paradise 132 was broadcasted on the 9th of March 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
No Mask Effect – Ambient Wars EP [Psychonavigation]
Perial – Stellaressence [DMT]
Matthew Stewart – A World Bathed In Sunlight [Spotted Peccary]
Chihei Hatakeyama – Above The Desert [Dronarivm]
Steve Roach – Empetus [Projekt]
Michael Vallera – Vivid Flu [Denovali]
S1gns Of L1fe – Pathways to Ascension [Synphaera]
Various artists – Eilean records
Various artists – GREENOSOPHY II [Ultimae]
Analogue Fairy – Lady Of The Lake [Cosmicleaf]
Anthesteria – Eis [Zhelezobeton]
Der Waldlaufer – Fluidum [self released]
Ian Hawgood – Love Retained [Home Normal]
AWARE – The Book of Wind [Glacial Movements]
Bildschirm – Kinologie Vol. 1 [self released]
Las Paccariscas – She (Single) [Kalpamantra]
Vermont – II [Kompakt]
Lingua Lustra – Self Released Works Double Album [Psychonavigation]
Forrest Fang – Following The Ether Sun [Projekt]
James Murray – Killing Ghosts [Home Normal]
Johan Agebjorn and Mikael Ogren – We Never Came To The White Sea [Spotted Peccary]
Andrew Weathers – Under the Tree Soundtrack [Full Spectrum]

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