Stranger Than Paradise 065

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Stranger Than Paradise 065 presents the works of David Magro aka Mind’s Eye Dub

Mind’s Eye Dub
M.E.D is the right term to describe the man (DAVID MAGRO born 1969, Paola, MALTA) that has been creative and at the same time has put a brave face since inception.
Various lineups led by David a.k.a. Mind’s Eye Dub pivoted the reggae scene on the island, aiming reggae as a medium for human rights, justice and mankind.
Mind’s Eye Dub had to convey his message at a time when post 1987 election fever was still running high.
Mind’s Eye Dub won public and media acclaim with the 1988 ‘Bob Marley Tribute’ concert and his standing was further enhanced by a special 10th Anniversary concert three years later named ‘Tribute to Bob Marley 1981-1991 10th Anniversary’. A crucial year for Mind’s Eye Dub , his band and the local reggae scene was 1989 when the first foreign reggae band ASWAD performed on the island of Malta. Mind’s Eye Dub supported the internationally acclaimed band in the ‘Give Peace a Chance’ concert. During the same year Mind’s Eye Dub penned a song called ‘Freedom’ which placed third in a song contest held in North Korea. In 1992 Mind’s Eye Dub met the Wailers Band in a concert to remember. More than 12,000 reggae fans attended the event. Just one year later i.e. in 1993 Mind’s Eye Dub supported Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers in the ‘Joy and Blues’ Tour 1993. Mind’s Eye Dub along with his band gave a remarkable performance in which all media reports focused on Mind’s Eye Dub outstanding performance. Owning a small but sturdy recording studio setup, Mind’s Eye Dub produces his own solo material, by writing, playing and mixing music to obtain that unique Afro-Mediterranean Reggae feel. Mind’s Eye Dub produced several Signature Tunes for local Reggae radio programs. Among these were Reggae ‘n’ Stuff 101 MHz f.m., Reggae Line 92.7 MHz f.m. and Reggae Club 93.7 MHz f.m.. The last one conducted by the ‘BADDEST’ local Reggae D.J. MANWEL TABONE. All songs of Mind’s Eye Dub repertoire are written by David Magro.

All tracks selected and arranged by David Magro.

Stranger Than Paradise 065 was broadcasted on the 6th of August 2015

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