Stranger Than Paradise 058

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Stranger Than Paradise 058 meets Sij

All tracks selected by Sij exclusively for Stranger than paradise radio show.

SiJ – a project based March 27th 2011 by Vladislav Sikach. In sound which
incorporated a variety of industrial themes expressed in the
darkest colors, mainly Dark Ambient.
In his tracks SiJ uses a variety of instruments such as acoustic guitar,
drums, of the electron – synthesizers, electric guitars and more. It’s often
sound mechanical and electromechanical instruments of its own making. In the
recent work of the project are widely used field recordings made in different places
– from the mundane city streets to abandoned military and industrial facilities.
Besides achieving apply VST-technology, digital recordings and a special programming
language and the synthesis of acoustic waves CSound.
SiJ cooperates with many authors genres Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Industrial, Noise,
and the authors concerned solely field recordings.
We should also note that almost all of the project accompanied by registration made
by Alena Perepadya, which is fond of design and photography.

Stranger Than Paradise 058 was broadcasted on the 11th of June 2015

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