Saturday Night Mixes
Saturday Night Mixes
Kick Bong - Saturday Night Mix for Radio Q37

Kick Bong – Saturday Night Mix for Radio Q37 – Broadcasted on Saturday 17th of March 2014

Franck Jousselin musician performer and composer born in Paris. At 12 he has a passion for drums and percussion.nIn 1990 he formed his first band as a drummer. Signed with Barclay is programmed in many concerts and tours in France and Europe. In 1995 he discovered electronic music in 2001 and its shares attract attention, his compositions out on compilations of various labels: Spirit Zone, Candyflip, Peak, Hoots, Chillcode, Cosmicleaf, Ultra Vista, Hadra, Ajana, Sonic Motion Blue Hour Sound.
Confluent Association commissioned the soundtrack for a documentary about street art entitled Démarches de rues. In 2009 he composed the music for websites Dior and Eden Park. In parallel, he mixes in many clubs Parisians
Batofar , Triptych , Divan du Monde , Gibus , Glaz’art , Dame de Canton , Cabaret Sauvage, Machine du Moulin Rouge.

Noticed and appreciated for the sound world of its services is booked from 2005 for lives and DJ sets in clubs and festivals in Europe.
Inspiral Lounge (London), Glade festival and Waveform (UK), Boom festival, Sinergia, Diabolus in musica, Kin and the 4 elements (Portugal), Existence and Omni festival (Spain)
Aurora (Greece), Arcadia, Hadra, Ambiosonic (France), Club Nordstar (Swiss)
In 2012 he founded another project, Triptone with different featurings .

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