Saturday Night Mixes
Saturday Night Mixes
Dhamika - Endless Horizons - Saturday Night Mix

Dhamika – Endless Horizons – Saturday Night Mix

An exclusive DJ Set by Dhamika presenting “Endless Horizons”, especially made for Radio Q37’s listeners..!

Dhamika is back to present his second album with Altar Records. Entitled “Endless Horizons”, the album works in a genre that sits between downtempo and psychill. While each track is a gem unto itself, the album is a full experience, which is what you can say about the best in any genre of music; itís not just background or another electronic album in the genre.

Dhamika’s music is like an ocean wave we longed to dive in and let the crystal clear glittering pulses of light creating a current that nourishes our life energy. We wish you a really lovely listen.

Dhamika – Endless Horizons – Saturday Night Mix was broadcasted on Radio Q37 on Saturday the 21st of May 2015

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