Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple
Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple
Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 023

Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 023


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Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 023 – Amar Dhall – Radio Q37
The seeds for this set were sown in three places, the first was during an evening in Melbourne playing music for a talented artist and dear friend (Zev Landes) who drew the image I’m using for this set. Whilst he could explain the minutiae of meaning embedded into the image, the essence of it is a comment on the cliched ‘perfection’ that much visionary art contains. I played while some talented creative people made art. Thank-you for the opportunity to play for you all.
The second seed of inspiration was sown whilst sharing music with an interesting human I met during my psychotherapist training in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia in March 2017.
The third space of inspiration for this set was whilst I was in Thailand immersing myself in Kashmiri Shivaism in late 2016 and some interesting humans I met there as well.
Mixed with love specially for you!
Best served chilled in high-fidelity listening environment.


1. Peter Benisch, Skymning
2. Bonobo, Flashlight
3. Motion Drive, Ocean Drive
4. Sahale, Middle Eastern Promises
5. Buddha Bass, Spicy Rice (Variant Field Remix)
6. Sybins, Night Bugs
7. Zen Racoon, So it Rains
8. StereOMantra, Ambient Life
9. Entheogenic, Astral Cave
10. The Human Experience, Jazzzz in ya Bones (feat. Pete Murano and eO)
11. J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, Afros in Ya
12. Aphrodelics, Rollin’ on Chrome (Wild Motherfucker Dub)
13. Desmond Cheese, Gazza’s Groove
14. Bomb The Bass, Bug Powder Dust
15. Stev, Winter Train
16. Dawn Penn, No, No, No (Extended Mix)
17. Bonobo, Dinosaurs (Jon Kennedy Mix)
18. Tycho, Send and Receive

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