Saturday Night Mixes
Saturday Night Mixes
Babag - 2SetsIn1 - Saturday Night Mix

Babag – 2setsIn1 – Saturday Night Mix – Broadcasted on Saturday 17th of January 2015

Radio Q37 hosts for the second time a 2setsin1 dj set by babag. Straight from Switzerland and the Mahamaya restaurant.

Georgios Rafailis aka babag

Georgios was born as an only child of two greek immigrants from corfu in foggy, depressing Langenthal on march 4th, 1967. He has experienced and done a lot and remained a smiling child of the sun. As far as his conventional business career is concerned, it should only be stated that he not only worked as a medical lab assistant but also as co-educator, assistant nurse, commercial employee, apple computers sales person and network supporter and operator.
Georgios has done many things associated with music. For 12 years he organised events in Berne. These were mostly live concerts but also clubbing nights and raves. He has been particularly fascinated by electronic music™s melting with conventional musical instruments or music. Thus, he got to know the new asian sounds in the beginning of the nineties. These sounds, as well as the whole ambiance spectrum, are still his absolute musical favourites. He is still an active dj, but can only be seen behind the decks if it is chill out and ambiance
time. He was part of the program commission and the event planning group for radio rabe until shortly after the definitive grant of concession was issued. He was also in charge of the event planning group during approximately two years. Together with swiss office artists he founded and managed a small record label and a whole decoration and dance troupe that bedazzled all the big parties all over Switzerland. Georgios was and is still active as an event consultant and flyer designer.
He is the soul and the fire of the mahamaya. He is responsible for the mahamaya events, the marketing, the press, the processes, the workflow, the staff, the menus, the graphics and t-shirts, the concept and so much moreā€¦.
And of course the sound in the mahamaya.
He is the godfather of the mahamaya.

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