Stranger Than Paradise 135 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 135 with psychedelic atmosphere and ethnic rhythms.

Stranger Than Paradise 135 was broadcasted on the 30th of March 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
Eguana – The Last Dragon [Cosmicleaf]
Kick Bong & Unhappiness – Slowly [Cosmicleaf]
D. Batistatos – Traffic [Cosmicleaf]
Stefan Torto – Indivisual Connections [Cosmicleaf]
Various artists – Dreaming Awakening Part One [Cosmicleaf]
Stimulus Timbre & Fourth Dimension – Dancing Fields [Cosmicleaf]
Cayo Largo – The Notes of My Soul [Cosmicleaf]
Zero Cult – Closer Than Ever [Cosmicleaf]
QBON – Q [self released]
Kick Bong – Destiny [Cosmicleaf]
Side Liner – Last Breath [Cosmicleaf]
Mahaon – Blue Stars Far Away [Microcosmos]
In’R’Voice – Metadreams- Pt. 1 [Cosmicleaf]
Cosmic Trigger – Escape From Chapel Perilous EP [Liquid sound design]
Karmahacker – Exo [Cosmicleaf]
Pangani – In The Moment [self released]
Kick Bong – Above The Tree [Cosmicleaf]