Stranger Than Paradise 126 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 126 is an experiment with ingredients from the labels Oneiron, Attenuation circuit, Full Spectrum, Raubbau, Denovali, Zhelezobeton, Black Sweat & Esc. records.

Stranger Than Paradise 126 was broadcasted on the 26th of January 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
Bionulor – Stary Pisarz [Oniron]
Jeroen Diepenmaat – Drums For Eugène [esc. recs]
Martwa Natura – III [Attenuation circuit]
MJ Lallo – The Channeled Voice [Full Spectrum]
Bellerophone – Straw Dog [Attenuation circuit]
Control – Over maschinenfest part II [Raubbau]
Ricardo Donoso – Quintesence [Denovali]
Futuro Antico – Isole Del Suono [Black Sweat records]
Herr Penschuck – unfälle im haushalt – domestic desasters [Attenuation circuit]
RLW – PAAK – Zur Arbeit [Attenuation circuit]
Le scrambled debutante – Sapphire In The Pancreas [Attenuation circuit]
Assuaje – E kest va’ pe kell [Attenuation circuit]
EMERGE – Fraud [Attenuation circuit]
Wayne Siegel – Early Works [Black Sweat records]
Various Artists – Now It’s Dark: David Lynch Tribute [Zhelezobeton]
Consume and Expire – Sexy Crocodile For Dinner & Diva Caramella [Attenuation circuit]
UNII & EMERGE – …distant glow [Attenuation circuit]
Radere – Sloth Period [Full Spectrum]
Kommando – Live at maschinenfest 2015 tape [Raubbau]
Artificial memory trace – Interception V [Attenuation circuit]
Piccinelli, Gales, Maioli – Amazonia 6891 [Black Sweat records]