Yemaya Festival 2015: Chill set from 8:00am – 9:30am Ashbaba Stage

A beautiful, sunny morning greeted us 🙂 My interpretation of 8:00am – 9:30am on Sunday morning. Recorded live.

Made with love for you.

Best served chilled in a high-fidelity environment.

Track list:

1. Balance, Gaia
2. Ajja & Cosmosis, Marimbad
3. Birds of Paradise, Wingspan (Album Mix)
4. Koan, When Silence Is Speaking
5. Bumble, Ab’scent
6. Master Minded, Magic Touch
7. Living Light, Hidden Mission (Govinda Remix)
8. Unknown Reality, Crystals
9. Ambientium, Fall [single]
10. Louis-David Roquefere, Suduaya (Jungle Heartbeat)
11. Mindex, Maritime
12. Lab’s Cloud, The Kundalini Ascension
13. Dhamika, Sound Therapy
14. Birds of Paradise, Skyward Eye (Album Mix)
15. Supersillyus, Touchy Subject
16. Crystal Vibe, Shift of Ages [24]
17. Crystal Vibe, Ancient Technology [24]
18. Crystal Vibe, Pandora [24]

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