LITHA (= Midsummer)

Today, to celebrate Midsummer, I honor the Earth itself. I am surrounded by tall trees.
There is a clear sky above me and cool dirt beneath me,
and I am connected to all three.
I light this fire as the Ancients did so long ago.

The Wheel of the Year has turned once more
The light has grown for six long months
Until today.

Today is Litha, called Alban Heruin by my ancestors.
A time for celebration.
Tomorrow the light will begin to fade
As the Wheel of the Year
Turns on and ever on.

From the east comes the wind,
Cool and clear.
It brings new seeds to the garden
Bees to the pollen
And birds to the trees.

The sun rises high in the summer sky
And lights our way even into the night
Today the sun casts three rays
The light of fire upon the land, the sea, and the heavens.


To the guys of C U around! 🙂

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