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Stranger Than Paradise 195


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Stranger Than Paradise 195 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37
Stranger Than Paradise 195 was broadcasted on the 15th of November 2018


All tracks taken from the albums:
Lesa Listvy – Way Home (Cryo Chamber)
A Bleeding Star – It Never Ends…So Hence Comes Again Haegl’s Resurgence With the Crone’s Bonechillin’ Presence (self-released)
Tapherphobia & Kave – Monuments (Cyclic Law)
Coph nia – That which remains (Raubbau)
ProtoU – Echoes of the Future (Cryo Chamber)
VelgeNaturlig – Kundalini (Winter light)
Ruptured World – Exoplanetary (Cryo Chamber)
Divided by Two – The Legend (Syngate)
Council of Nine – Exit Earth (Cryo Chamber)
Coph nia – The dark illuminati (Raubbau)
Desiderii marginis – Vita Arkivet (Cyclic Law)
Moloch Conspiracy – The cave of metaphysical Darkness & Lights (Eighth tower)
Maze & Lindholm – Where The Wolf Has Been Seen (Aurora Borealis)
Alphaxone – Edge of Solitude (Cryo Chamber)
Ajna- Lucid Intrusion (Cyclic Law)
URUK – Mysterium Coniunctionis (Ici d’ailleurs/Mind Travels)
VelgeNaturlig – Opalescent Pust (Winter light)
Coph nia – Shape shifter (Raubbau)
Various artists – Decay: Death and Darkness – Aural visions of Beksiński’s art (Eighth tower)
Bonini Bulga – Sealed (Cyclic Law)
Inner Vision Laboratory – Relics (Winter light)
Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark – Abysmal (Cryo Chamber)
Common Eider, King Eider – A Wound Of Body (Cyclic Law)
Mount Shrine – Winter Restlessness (Cryo Chamber)
Atrium Carceri – Codex (Cryo Chamber)


1. Lesa Listvy – Mechanism
2. A Bleeding Star – It Never Ends…So Hence Comes Again Haegl’s Resurgence With the Crone’s Bonechillin’ Presence
3. Kave – Doldrumin
4. Coph Nia – Sanctus
5. ProtoU – Drawings of Nebula
6. VelgeNaturlig – Indra
7. Ruptured World – A Time Without Saviours
8. Divided by Two – Out of the Dark Ages
9. Council of Nine – This World Has Not Been Kind
10. Coph Nia – Hymn To Lucifer
11. Desiderii marginis – Passing Bell
12. Moloch Conspiracy – Kulullû
13. Maze & Lindholm – Part I
14. Alphaxone – Overland
15. Ajna – Her Morphing Face
16. URUK – Spagyria
17. VelgeNaturlig – Onset
18. Coph Nia – Lord Of The Air
19. Cordis Cincti Serpente – Beyond the Mauve Zone
20. Bonini Bulga – Guided
21. Inner Vision Laboratory – What We Left Behind
22. Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark – The Sailor’s Song
23. Common Eider, King Eider – We Sing Over These Bones So That They May Rise Up And Run Away Into The Night
24. Mount Shrine – Moon’s Distrust
25. Atrium Carceri – The Empty Chapel

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