Stranger Than Paradise 179

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Stranger Than Paradise 179


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Stranger Than Paradise 179 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37
Stranger Than Paradise 179 was broadcasted on the 14th of June 2018


All tracks taken from the albums:
Michael Vallera – All Perfect Days (Denovali)
Caudal – Fight Cry Fight (Kataktu Collective-Broken spine)
Damn Robot! – Derp (Hawk moon)
Asaf Sirkis – Full Moon (Moonjune)
Maurizio Abate – Standing Waters (Black sweat)
Deer Park Ranger – Bottom Of The Ocean (Fluttery)
Andrew Tuttle – Andrew Tuttle (Someone Good)
Dan Caine – Journey Through an Open Mind (Fluttery)
Artificial Waves – Initial Link [Remixed & Remastered] (Fluttery)
aMute – Some Rest (Humty Dumpty Records)
Sairen – Neige Nuit (Fluttery)
T.G. Olson & Caleb R.K. Williams РBanda sonora des̩rtica (Eagle stone collective)
Ghost Island – Assimilation (Fluttery)
Various artists – Tribute To Allan Holdsworth (Moonjune)
The Eye of Time – MYTH II A Need To Survive (Denovali)
Hypnodrone Ensemble – Hunting Season Is Open! (Broken spine)
LO18 – Maa (Disco Gecko)
David Grubbs & Taku Unami – Failed Celestial Creatures (Empty Editions)
Nadja – Autopergamene [2018 Vinyl Version] (Throne records-Broken spine)


[INTRO]: 1. Michael Vallera – In Midafternoon
2. Caudal – Flourish
3. Damn Robot! – Fusion Chamberlain
4. Asaf Sirkis Trio – Zombie’s Lonelyness
5. Maurizio Abate – Odonata
6. Deer Park Ranger – Bottom Of The Ocean
7. Andrew Tuttle – Transmission Interruption
8. Dan Caine – Arcus
9. Artificial Waves – Breakdown
10. aMute – The Obsedian (Ft. Christophe Bailleau)
11. Sairen – Nordvarme
12. Caleb R.K. Williams – Día IIIII
13. Ghost Island – Your Joy
14. Stick Men feat. Tony Levin – Crack In The Sky
15. The Eye of Time – There Is So Much Pain in This World That We Have Created Robots To Share It
16. Hypnodrone Ensemble – Hunting Season Is Open! (Pt. IV)
17. LO18 – Vire
18. David Grubbs & Taku Unami – Constellation of Sand
[OUTRO]: 19. Nadja – You Write Your Name In My Head

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