Stranger Than Paradise 134

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Stranger Than Paradise 134 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 134 in an experimental dive between space and ethno sound.

Stranger Than Paradise 134 was broadcasted on the 23rd of March 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
Bionulor – Trois versions de la vie [Oniron]
Sonologyst – Electrons: A scientific essay [Unexplained sounds group]
Radere – I Can’t Sleep/I Can’t Wake Up [Full Spectrum]
Kryptogen Rundfunk – Liquid Circuits [Zhelezobeton]
LE SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE – The Egg That Moves Itself And Burns! [Attenuation circuit]
Ken Ikeda + David Toop – Skin Tones [Home Normal]
Michael Idehall – Retrospective 1999-2003 [ant-zen]
Lichen Gumbo – Boilin [Aguirre]
SONOLOGYST & KSHATRIY – Time is the Enemy [Attenuation circuit]
C_C – Retro Action {Bedroom research]
Cathode Ray Tube – Exodus Partners [Component]
Bionulor promo LP [self released]
Wayne Siegel – Autumn Resonance [Black Sweat]
Bionulor-Theatre music for Coriolanus [Oniron]
Enhet For Fri Musik – Inom Dig, Inom Mig [Aguirre]
David Koresh – Songs For Grandpa [Red Venice]
Gruppo Afro Mediterraneo – 1972 Blues Jazz Session [Black Sweat]
Gaetano Liguori – Collective Orchestra [Black Sweat]
IL SANTO BEVITORE – Sorge il Buio [Attenuation circuit]
BRIOLINE – Mountain desert [Attenuation circuit]
Zeit – Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori [Black Sweat]
Zeit – Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo [Black Sweat]

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