Stranger Than Paradise 128

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Stranger Than Paradise 128 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 128 in ambient mood.

Stranger Than Paradise 128 was broadcasted on the 9th of February 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
Steve Brand – The Path Of The Heart [Relaxed Machinery]
Ujjaya – The landing zone [eg0cide productions]
E and I – The Colour Of Sound [Eilean]
Subverter – Dark Matter Tuxedo [Psychonavigation]
Carl Weingarten & Cathrine Marie Charlton – Where There Is Light [Spotted Peccary]
Sequential Dreams – The Exodus Wave [Borders Edge Music]
B.Ashra – Open The Door [Klangwirkstoff]
No Mask Effect – Lost Souls EP [Psychonavigation]
Visionary Hours – Footfalls Echo [Preserved sound]
Various Artists – Pop Ambient 2017 [Kompakt]
Various Artists – Volume V [Hawk Moon]
Ascendant – Source Transmission [Synphaera]
Stimulus Timbre – Ambient Pathways Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf]
Germind – Relaxation Algorithm [Cosmicleaf]
Johannes Malfatti – SURGE [Glacial Movements]
Karsten Pflum – Sleep concert [ant-zen]
Legiac – The Voynich Manuscript [Dronarivm]
Steve Roach – Spiral Revelation [Projekt]
Ocoeur – Reversed Remixes [n5md]
Tobias Hellkvist – Kaskelot Reissue + Remixes [Home Normal]
Various Artists – Ego te Audio [Carpe Sonum]
Various artists: Electronomicon Collective – Pano [Dhatura]
Superalma Project – VigΓ­lia [Spheredelic]
Kate Carr – Fabulations [Soft]

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