Stranger Than Paradise 101

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Stranger Than Paradise 101 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 101 presents an exclusive mix from Globotom.

Stranger Than Paradise 101 was broadcasted on the 16th of June 2016

Globotom (born 1960) is a German musician who started his career only after 2010, when he was introduced to music apps on the iPad. Using GarageBand as a tool for mix and mastering and AudioBus as a tool to connect virtual synthesizers, drum machines and effect boards, he started to explore making msuic in many different styles. Though Globotom describes his art as “New Electronic Music”, you will not only find Ambient, Berlin School and Trance, but also Rock, Lounge, World Music, Jazz and even Classic.

He is signed to the US label Apptronica and often joins virtually with friends and colleagues for collab tracks. So far he released two CDs called EGOSOUND and URLAUB and four download projects: IBIZA CHILL & RAVE, HYPNO 1, HYPNO 2 and HYPNO 3. His music is also included on many samplers. 2015 he was invited to take part in a tribute project for the late Edgar Froese, mastermind of Tangerine Dream. Globotom was nominated for the German Schallwelle award in 2015 and won the prize for the best video in 2014 in the Facebook Work Group for Electronic Music. His music is played by many radio stations around the world.

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