Stranger Than Paradise 056

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Stranger Than Paradise 056 presents Shinkiro

All tracks taken from the album ”Cycle of rebirth” exclusively given by Shinkiro.


SHINKIRO is a Japanese dark ambient project by Manabu Hiramoto, started in 2003 to
express the inner landscapes of humanity. The music can be described as “soundtrack
to imaginary film with dark ambience”. Recently, his musical exploration has expanded
not only into the meditative and deep but also into his personal terrain of Shinto and

2005 Shinkiro “Deep Blue+Remixed by Hybryds” CD+MCD (athanor)
2007 Kotodama “Captured Voices” CD (Vital)
2008 Shinkiro “Way Of The Gods” CD (athanor)
2008 Jack Or Jive “Kokorobito” CD (Ultra-Mail Prod.)
2008 Contagious Orgasm + Kotodama “Blackout” CD (SSSM)
2011 Empusae & Shinkiro “ORGANIC.AURAL.ORNAMENTS” CD (Ant-zen)
2011 BASHIN (Bardoseneticcube + Shinkiro) “Four Noble Truths” CD (athanor)
2013 Shinkiro “Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears” (EsotericAudioDigital)
2013 Shinkiro “One” (EsotericAudioDigital)
2015 Shinkiro “Cycle Of Rebirth” CD(SSSM)

Stranger Than Paradise 056 was broadcasted on the 28th of May 2015

Way Of The Gods Theme VI
4th Cycle
One Part III
3rd Cycle
Fifth Ornament (with Empusae)
5th Cycle
Cold Mist – (with Jack Or Jive)