Saturday Night Mixes
Saturday Night Mixes
StereOMantra - Saturday Night Mix for Radio Q37

StereOMantra – Saturday Night Mix for Radio Q37 – Broadcasted on Saturday 20th of September 2014

StereOMantra is Robert Rohaly, a Hungarian music composer from Budapest.
After years of classical piano studies he made his first electronic music compositions in the 90′s, experimenting with Impulse Tracker and even older “DAW”s and gradually developed to an advanced level through related studies and much practice.

Ever since the genre exists, he has been believing that that art and science meets most perfectly in psytrance, therefore he tried himself in different kinds of related genres through the years until he finally found ‘progressive psy chillout™ the most suitable, capable of expressing deep feelings of a wide range. Mostly inspired by chill artists like GMO & Dense, Lab™s Cloud, Aes Dana, Ascent & Argus, CBL and Solar Fields, now he is trying to raise prog psy chill on a new level, bringing gentle new atmospheric trippy chill sounds to you ears.

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