Spinnet – V.I.MTronica Showcase

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Spinnet – V.I.MTronica Showcase – Saturday Night Mix for Radio Q37 – Broadcasted on Saturday 31st of May 2014

In order to celebrate his forthcoming debut release on V.I.M. Records, Dry Season EP, Spinnet offers a unique panorama of the label’s excellent V.I.M.Tronica series in an exclusive 2-hour mixset. Styles and bpms will change, moods will shift but everything will revolve around the one main principle: the dub aesthetics!

V.I.M.Tronica is the quality electronica subdivision of V.I.M. Records, offering truly exceptional intelligent electronic music, ideal for home listening, radio airplay or unique dj sets. V.I.M.Tronica’s impressive back-catalog already features 55 EPs & singles, 2 albums and 3 compilations since it’s debut in 2008. With many more hot releases in the pipeline the future looks bright for this eclectic family of sounds!

Spinnet is no stranger to the electronic music scene. In his solo works, his focus is always on dub, drum & bass and techno influences, either in original works or in remixes. Collaborations include the projects Fabrics, sculpturing a futuristic/industrial electronica sound, and One Arc Degree, crafting a deeply melodic, trance-inspired sound.

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