Space Odyssey_032
Space Odyssey

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It sometimes happens that one kisses

The hand of a morning reflection

In the silence of a landscape

Standing motionless with sealed mouth

Before the city awakens with a thousand fountains

And with the unfettered bathing voices

Suddenly released in the sudden sun

By the street-cleaners of the morning.


And so our pains have not gone for nothing

They lift their veils and reveal

Their mighty arms swelling

To reach into the heart of the city

Like the Magi of the East, and to raise

The fingers of the sleepers one by one

Toward the row of boats that sail the streets

Laden with perfumes

With treasures and provisions

From the remote lands, like the glance

Of a woman daydreaming.


© Andreas Embeirikos


Space Odyssey_032 recorded as broadcasted live on the 2nd of September 2013. On the decks, behind the mic : Satnapar [ Odysseas Rapantas ].


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