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Sonic Alchemy 033

Sonic Alchemy 033

Sonic Alchemy 033 - emo - Radio Q37


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Sonic Alchemy 033 – emo – Radio Q37
This month sees Advanced Suite returning to promote his fantastic new album ‘What am I Doing’ which will be released this Friday 3rd July!
Another amazing AS release, jam packed with his rhythmic funk signatures, along with some tribal percs to almost bluesy psychedelic additives to deep soul on various tracks..all beautifully arranged and mixed!!
Sonic Alchemy 033, was broadcasted on the 5th of July 2020 on Radio Q37.y


1. Skeptik
2. Counting Sheep
3. Just Dont Stop
4. Took The Bong With Me
5. Billion Man March
6. A Little Bit Of Contrast
7. They Call It A Chakra
8. Over My Body
9. So Long
10. So Far
11. Building Momentum
12. Not What You Wanted
13. As We Walk In Pairs
14. Try To Touch, Try To Feel…. Me
15. Laid Back – Head Stern
16. The Mule Just Doesnt Get It
17. Almost There
18. U Dont Kno

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