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Sonic Alchemy 032 – emo – Radio Q37


This month sees my producer alter ego, psydraft take over the net waves for a 45min psychedelic downtempo trip of my recently released album.
It was released 2 weeks ago on Visionary Shamanics Records and seems to have already gathered quite some interest!
I chose to experiment with a cross-genre fusion of eclectically chilled psy productions.
Psybass meets psydub meets breakbeat, trippityhopping along with some deep tribal spicing in the mix.
All my favourite styles rolled into a journey that will surely take your mind to far off and far out places.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.
Huge thanks to David Baker and Martin Hawk for all the support!
Big shout out to Hypnotizer for the fantastic collab I remixed!! The original collab will be released soon..


Sonic Alchemy 032, was broadcasted on the 7th of June 2020 on Radio Q37.


1. psydraft – A Hidden Path
2. psydraft – Tata
3. psydraft – Long Walk to Freedom
4. psydraft – Deviate
5. psydraft – Levitate
6. psydraft – Quechuan Dream
7. psydraft – Humble Place
8. psydraft & Hypnotizer – Subconscious States of Dub (psydraft Deep Dive Remix)

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