Saturday Night Mixes
Saturday Night Mixes
New Air - Saturday Night Mix - Radio Q37

An exclusive DJ Set by New Air, especially made for Radio Q37’s listeners..!

New Air was born in Rome on April 2012.
The band is presently composed by two musicians: Andrea Morganti and Gabriele Carone.
They decided to consider the idea of a new musical genre; so the duo started to play Electronic Music with a strong influence of Jazz, Classical Music, Ambient, Techno and Noise.

Since late 2015, the band approaches even more modern genres such as Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep, while ideologically the duo explores the theories of the VenusProject and the ZeitgeistMovement.

New Air – Saturday Night Mix was broadcasted on Radio Q37 on Saturday the 5th of December 2015

Human Maze EP

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