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Golden Ratio 019 – =ҒLΦɎD= – Radio Q37Golden Ratio 018 – =ҒLΦɎD= – Radio Q37

Golden Ratio 018 was broadcasted on Radio Q37 on the 3rd of May 2017.

In this episode I focused on all those amazing vocals that are part of Psy/Sacred/Downtempo/Glitchy Bass.
Every track in this podcast has vocals in them.
From majestic voices to whispering tones. From anger to prayer. From funny to death serious.
Two new releases inspired me to make this podcast. Myth Of The Cave by Deya Dova (Reflekta Records) and ‘Heart’s Castle’ by SaQi (Jumpsuit Records).
Other beauties included in this mix are from Kermode & Monad Moon, Erothyme (ft. Madeleine Moondrop), Itom Lab (ft. Patrick Haize), Lunar Symphony, SaQi (ft. Luzelena Mendoza) and many more.

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1. Deja Dova – The Great Sky Lodge
2. Erothyme – Shortcut (This Way)
3. Templo – Crazy 88
4. Kermode & Monad Moon – The Knight
5. Erothyme – Mother I feel You (Feat. Madelion Moondrop)
6. Numatik – Stand With Us Feat. Bona FrenchHawk & David Brown)
7. Momentology – Have Intention (Feat. Uqualla)
8. Zonra – Burning Trough Time (Feat. Erin Sky Dillon)
9. Itom Lab – Dance Into The Sun (Feat. Patrick Haize)
10. Spirit Travelers – Children Of Light
11. Soulular – Versions Of Someone Else
12. Wolf Tech – Tears Of Joy
13. Deja Dova – Serpent Egg
14. Lunar Symphony – Soltar
15. Dark lord Gob – Pure
16. HullabaloO – I Kinda Skipped Some Acid In Your Mineral Water
17. Narcose – Floating Trough Space
18. Symbolic – Symbolic Expression
19. DubCOliNG – Sway
20. Alejo – Special Fiber
21. SaQi – Heart’s Castle (Feat. Krystyn Pixton)
22. Deja Dova – Myth Of The Cave
23. Deja Dova – Hollow Bone
24. SaQi – Cancion Del Corazon (Feat. Luzelena Mendoza)
25. Duffrey – Error Feat. CelloJoe
26. SaQi – Rock, Scissors (Feat. Lesley Kernochan)

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