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Golden Ratio 017 – =ҒLΦɎD= – Radio Q37

Golden Ratio 017 was broadcasted on Radio Q37 on the 3rd of April 2017.

This episode kicks off with some sweet vocals featuring Ill Esha in a new track by The Human Experience ( from Broken open release) and further along this compilation we slowly advance into a higher musical plane with Icaro (from Mindfull Illusion release) and some laid back beauties by Soulular (from Moments in time Vol. 2 release). In the second part of this compilation we move to the dubby side of things for a while with some grooves by Tor.Ma in Dub (from Sac be at night release) and some amazing new work by Wolf Tech (from Another Day release) & Dubsalon (from Ancient tongues release). Of course there will be some surprises as we move through this compilation, surprises brought to us from recent tunes on Shanti Planti (from Drift Theory release), Aquatic Collective (from Standing with the waters: A benefit album for Standing Rock release) & Badgers Records (from VA – Inner Holographic Reality release)! <3

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1. The Human Experience – La Maricuya (ft. Ill Esha)
2. Tara Putra – Pagoda skies
3. Wolf Tech – Another day
4. Icaro – Mindfull Illusion
5. Wolf Tech – What makes us human
6. Soulular – Castaway
7. Soulular – Shadowforms
8. Tor.Ma in Dub – Body walking, Mind flying
9. Dubsalon – Beyond the seen
10. Dubsalon – Altered reality
11. Sikada – From Afar
12. Dubsalon – Hexagram
13. Dissolv – Water Warriors
14. Bakak – Seda
15. Jeremy’s Aura – Something to blog about
16. Dubsalon – Soft cell
17. Charlesthefirst – Step/time
18. Wolf Tech – Unreal world
19. Beatroots – Rhytmical magical
20. Globular – Emergent resurgence
21. Narcose – Panda eyes

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