Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 022

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Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 022


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Rainbow Serpent is an epic festival in Australia. This year was its 20th Anniversary and myself and couple of friends were fortunate to be asked to co-create it by playing a couple of sets and running a yoga class. Working alongside some of the best musical acts and workshop presenters going around, it was a delight. Added to this we got to spend some time with the Melbourne branch of our super-dope tribe. I left this festival exhausted but with a full cup.
This particular set was played at sunset (from 20:00 – 21:30) on the Friday evening. I love playing sunsets <3


1. Hedflux, Sanaga Seranade
2. Nato, Hayr
3. Drumspyder, Spyder Step
4. Globular, [42]
5. Hedflux, Hyperslap
6. Numatik, Ensename (Kalya Scintilla’s Deep Chunck Remix)
7. Akasha, Cup of Dreams (Quanta Flip Edit)
8. Matt Dell, Moon Research Project (Radioactive Sandwich Remix)
9. Kalya Scintilla, Dragon Tree
10. Kaya Project, One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix)
11. Desert Dwellers, Spirit from the Dreamtime (Drumspyder Remix)
12. Motion Drive, Back To The White Island
13. The Polish Ambassador feat. Kirtaniyas, Sri Gurvastakam (Anchor Hill Remix)
14. Shaman’s Dream, Fire Dancers
15. Jairamji, We Are Ancient
16. Tikki Masala, Arambol
17. Symbolic & Zen Mechanics, Psychological Effects (Kaya Project Remix)
18. Hedflux, Superluminal Sound

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