Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 001

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Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 001 – Amar Dhall – Radio Q37

I recall hearing my dad give a speech many, many years ago. The reason why he was giving that speech is not important here, but he was talking the way things must (and do) keep moving onward. He said, ‘Just as not everything new is good, not everything old is worth keeping’. If this point is accepted, then the issue becomes one of discernment: which new things are good, and which old things are worth keeping?
This issue is particularly applicable to music in 2014 as anyone with a half-decent computer can make music – not all of which is particularly great. Making matters worse is the ongoing drive to find new music (shared by many DJs). Consequently, much fantastic old music gets forgotten.
So, for my first RadioQ37 session I am playing a set for you that goes back to some of the music that I first heard when I was introduced to artfully sculpted electronica. I have deliberately mixed those golden oldies into very recent music to span the divide between old and new with a bridge built of the shared essence of their awesomeness.
I hope you enjoy it.
Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.

Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple 001 was broadcasted on the 26th of September 2014 on Radio Q37.

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