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Alpha Wave Movement – Saturday Night Mix – Broadcasted on Saturday 2nd of May 2015

Stranger than paradise radio show presents on Radio Q37’s Saturday night special mix:
Gregory Kyryluk aka Alpha Wave Movement / Through Guild / Within Reason projects

Special thanks to Gregory & Harmonic Resonance recordings for sharing their music!

Harmonic Resonance Recordings: (H.R.R.) is a independent music label which began its genesis in 1995. The goal of H.R.R. is to release and promote the music of Alpha Wave Movement and all other related projects Open Canvas, Thought Guild, Gregory Kyryluk & Within Reason. H.R.R. began before any record/music label was interested in releasing my music in the early 1990’s except perhaps with the sole exception of Silent Records which took interest enough to include the first Alpha Wave Movement track on a “From Here to Tranquility” compilation cd. The debut release for Harmonic Resonance Recordings label was the 1995/96 release “Transcendence” and forward with new releases into the 2000’s and beyond. Recordings have been diverse and incorporate elements of ambient, dub/tech/minimal, jazz, world music (dub/Arabic/Indonesian), new-age, film and progressive rock music. Alpha Wave Movement & Within Reason projects have had parallel releases on the US based electronic esoterica label Anodize and its subsidiary Periphery. The music of Alpha Wave Movement was featured in the globally popular video game “Grand Theft Auto IV” as well as numerous compilations throughout the 1990’s and into the 00’s as well as the popular internet and former NPR syndicated show Hearts of Space.

All tracks taken from the albums:
Alpha Wave Movement – Celestial Chronicles
Alpha Wave Movement – Horizons
Alpha Wave Movement – Myriad Stars
Alpha Wave Movement – Soniq Variants
Thought Guild – Context
Thought Guild – Third Voyage
Within Reason – Farshadow
Within Reason – Subtle Shift

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