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Haris P. aka Fishimself is a dedicated ambient activist. Owner of Freeze Magazine in Greece and IT Record shop in Athens, organiser of the first almost ambient only festival in Europe ISLAND OF FIRE, stage and booking manager for festivals such as Aurora in Greece, Tree of Life at Izmir Turkey  and last but not least a outstanding DJ.

He creates unusual mixes of electronic music with a melancholic mood and mesmerizes the crowds with sounds of ambient, IDM, acoustic music, sometimes breaks and downtempo trance taking them on a original journey for mind and ears.
Frequent guest at the Mahamaya restaurant in Bern / Switzerland for whom he compiled the Mahamaya series compilations in 2009, Fishimself also performed at many festivals such as Sonica reloaded / Italy, Source festival / Malta, the InSpiral Lounge / UK and Magnet in Turkey/Tree of Life /Lost Theory/Hadra/Synergy U.K and lots more.

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