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Born in 1976 on planet earth, music has always played a major role in my whole life. But by synchronicity my music experience enhanced in 1996 when I entered a music store and was attracted by the cover of the first Pulse compilation which I immediately bought, although I never was interested in electronic music before. It was a mind blowing experience when I first listened to the tracks at home and the trance scene changed my life a lot. Over the years my main focus changed to the more chilled side of trance music and to different subgenres.
I started mixing in 1998 and recorded tapes for me and my friends. A few years later with the possibilities of the internet, I was able to reach a broader audience with my mixes getting airplay on Internet Radio Stations like Fluid Radio, HBR1, Triplag Radio, the psychill channel on and now also Radio Q37.
I am happy to be able to share the music I love here on Radio Q37. In my opinion music is a great way to raise your consciousness and open the doors into another dimension. Hope you all enjoy the Dimensional Shift!

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