Amar Dhall is based in the rolling hills of south-eastern NSW in Australia, he is a chill DJ with a unique approach to both life and music. Amar’s taste in music has been informed by his attraction to liminal creative spaces, such as those between art and science; ineffable human experience and structure; and, stern discipline and shenanigans.
Whilst traversing genres and tempos, Amar’s sets are tied together with a golden thread of loving intention and led by his diverse interests; eastern and Andean wisdom traditions, ultra high-fidelity audio, quality relationships, and the exploration of consciousness. He completed a PhD in 2015. At its core he explored whether we can base a system of law on the way quantum mechanics describes the universe. The short answer is ‘yes we can’. A couple of books are currently in process…
Amar Dhall is a label DJ for Altar Records (Canada) and a sessional chill DJ on Internet radio station RadioQ37, with his fortnightly show, ‘Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple’ (Friday nights 21:00-23:00 AEST). He is a featured artist on Berlin-based and closed for the Desert Dwellers in Sydney in 2014.

He lives with two cats that chose to adopt him.