Stranger Weekends 010 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37. Stranger than paradise radio show presents The Stranger Sundays ambient electronic mix.

All tracks taken from the albums:
No Mask Effect – Double Or Quits [Psychonavigation records]
Eternity Is Now – Filling The Void {Kalpamantra]
Max Million – Monogramma [Audiomodern]
Sal Solaris – Thresholds [NEN records]
Autogen & Klusie Viesi – Post-Apo split [STURM]
Genevieve Pasquier – Live One [Raubbau]
AON – Muzibu Meklejot [STURM]
Blochemy – Da Mear [CleanError records]
Akasha Project – Spheres [Klangwirkstoff Records]
Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin – Between Ourselves [Psychonavigation records]
B. Ashra – Atomic World [Klangwirkstoff Records]
Various – iNDEX05 [DIN records]
IRKLIS The Plague Year [STURM]
Enabl.ed – Sound.paper 3 [CleanError records]
Anguaji Music – Trigger Happy [Relaxed Machinery]
The fragile fate – Lilliam ocean [Carpe Sonum Novum]
Sense – A View From A Vulnerable Place [Psychonavigation records]
Marsen Jules – Shadows in Time [Oktaf]