Stranger Than Paradise 136 – Tasos Stamoulis – Radio Q37

Stranger Than Paradise 136 a dark ambient score.

Stranger Than Paradise 136 was broadcasted on the 6th of April 2017

All tracks taken from the albums:
Chris Lynn – The Old East Coast [Echo music]
Paleowolf – Genesis [Cryo chamber]
Yumi Hara & Guy Harries – Wheels Within Wheels [Sombre Soniks]
Halo Manash – Wesieni Wainajat [Aural Hypnox]
Phurpa – Gyer Ro [Cyclic Law]
Alphaxone & ProtoU – Stardust [Cryo chamber]
Grist – The End Of Fear [Sombre Soniks]
Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri – Echo [Cryo chamber]
Nagaarum – Pulzar [self released]
I.corax – The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent [Aural Hypnox]
Their Teeth To Points – A Disease Of The Attic [De profundis]
Misantronics – Eristic Dialectics [Sombre Soniks]
Fellirium – Mermaids [ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ]
Council of Nine, Alphaxone, Xerxes The Dark, Wolves and Horses – Tomb of Seers [Cryo chamber]
Winterblood – Il richiamo delle vette [De profundis]
SiJ – The Time Machine [Cryo chamber]
Nigromante – The Euphonies [Spheredelic]
Sielwolf & Nam-khar – Atavist Craft [Sombre Soniks]
Northumbria – Markland [Cryo chamber]
Aegri Somnia – Endtime Psalms [Cryo chamber]