Touching Sounds - Arieh Engelhard - Radio Q37

Touching Sounds

Touching Sounds is a progressive ambient and trance project created by Arieh Engelhard.
Arieh carefully selects emotional expressive music.

His sets include Psybient, Chillgressive and Progressive Psytrance tracks that create deep hypnotic journeys into his emotional sonic dimension.

Through this trancendental music Arieh has chosen the double meaning phrase “Touching Sounds” as the medium in which these vibrations resonate and touch the listeners hearts.

Since he can remember himself Arieh has always been fascinated by music, He learned to play the guitar and his musical taste was widely influenced by progressive rock bands. He has been listening to Electronic music since he was 10 years old (now he is almost 30).

He began DJing as he was travelling the world listening to various musical genres that come into expression in his sets and tracks.

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